Flow with Brent Hogarth

In this episode Flow, Brent Hogarth sits down with host Edwin Frondozo to discuss flow, team flow, and reaching your full potential.
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Dr. Brent Hogarth is a Clinical and Sport Psychologist, and leader in the field of Positive Psychology. Brent lives in Vancouver, Canada.

Brent is the head Peak Performance Coach at the Flow Research Collective where he has trained thousands of sport & 'corporate athletes' to find greater flow-state, mindfulness, & self-control in their lives.

Brent believes well-being is not only about alleviating suffering, but that human flourishing requires the development of ones unique strengths & character, & the ability to experience transcendent peak experiences. 

Brent has significant training & experience providing performance enhancement coaching & mental health counselling. This includes working with Olympic & professional athletes, start up CEOs & entrepreneurs, members of the USA military, Doctors, Coaches, engineers, creatives, hedge fund managers & more. Brent believes that everyone has the ability to be a high-performer & achieve optimal experience. He completed his Doctoral fellowships at the University of Texas, at El Paso, and Lehigh University, in Bethlehem, PA. In both placements he worked with Division 1 student-athletes, their teams, coaches & athletic admin.

As a Psychologist, Brent uses a Humanistic lens integrated with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Humanistic psychology helps individuals move towards growth, freedom and responsibility through dropping defence mechanisms which limits their ability to achieve wholeness. ACT uses acceptance & mindfulness strategies, together with behaviour change strategies, to increase psychological flexibility. Psychological flexibility means contacting the present moment fully, & based on what the situation affords, changing or persisting in behaviour in the service of clients chosen values. 

Most importantly, Brent recognizes & values how the relationship itself is the foundation of any change in a coaching relationship.

Before entering graduate school, Brent earned an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology. 
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