Greet the Pull with Irene Pace

Greet the Pull with Irene Pace “Every behaviour attempts to solve a problem, even if it’s not the best solution.
Greet the Pull with Irene Pace
“Every behaviour is an attempt to solve a problem, even if it’s not the best solution.”  Irene Pace
In this episode, Greet the Pull, Irene Pace sits down with host Edwin Frondozo to discuss counterproductive behaviours you wish you could do away with, how they impact your leadership, and what you can do about them.

Irene is the founder and CEO of Pace Nutrition, where she specializes in helping people discover what drives their challenging eating behaviours and craft a new relationship with food.

Her challenges with food inspired her to develop the Pace Method, which she has used to help hundreds of clients, from doctors to entrepreneurs change the way they relate to food and open doors to change the way they relate to their bodies, other people around them, and reach major inflection points in their personal and business lives.

She started her career as a Registered Dietitian managing complex medical nutrition support in a major trauma hospital before leading the University of Waterloo’s student nutrition program and launching the nutrition arm of the first multidisciplinary primary care practice in Ontario, Canada.

Irene is also the author of “Eat Like You Teach,” an Amazon bestseller that helps healthcare professionals who find themselves struggling with food use the Pace Method to find the path forward.

Irene captains her local field hockey team in her free time and enjoys outdoor adventures, from biking through the Rocky Mountains to walking the Amazon rainforest with native shamans.
What You Will Learn From This Episode
  • How food and our nervous system are linked
  • How your early childhood relationship with food can shape your eating habits
  • What is Greet the Pull
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 “The way this system is trained is it is trained through experience over time, so your nervous system learns. You can think of it like AI or something, right? It learns through experience.” Irene Pace

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