Habits of Effective Leaders with JT Tsui (Replay)

In this episode, Edwin Frondozo and JT Tsui uncover the secrets behind connecting with our true purpose in life. With over two decades of education and business leadership experience, JT shares his insights on how we can embody effective habits for success and find joy amidst hardships along the journey. The key? A commitment towards excellent service combined with mindful presence even when facing distractions! Tune into their inspiring talk that'll help you unlock your potential today!
In this episode, JT Tsui and Edwin Frondozo explore the composition of flow, what brings us joyous moments in life and how to embody effective leadership habits for success. With over 20+ years of experience across education, athletics and business under his belt - from maximizing team potentials to creating equitable work environments - there's no doubt that JT is an enthusiastic leader with a commitment towards great service!

Ever wonder why the road to discovering your purpose often feels like a painful journey? He believes that pain and size are two sides of the same coin, where it is only through hardship we can discover our true mission in life.

Successful people don't let anything stand in the way of their goals: they effectively shut out distractions and remain mindful in each moment. What strategies do you use to stay focused?

He wrote "You Are Greatness" to ignite the drive within each of us and spark a journey into our own greatness. How far can we go?

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Edwin Frondozo
Edwin Frondozo
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Habits of Effective Leaders with JT Tsui (Replay)
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