Living Your Best Life With Catherine Tanaka (Replay)

Have you ever felt like your work life has become too sedentary? This episode aims to help busy business leaders stay productive, healthy, and happy through the principles of movement and exercise. We’ll provide tips on how to fit 10-15 minutes of physical activity into a hectic business schedule, from creating time for stretching and warming up your body first thing in the morning to find ways to move no matter how busy your days get. Tune in today for advice on how working out can boost productivity and ensure long-term success!
Join Catherine Tanaka, a fitness expert and mindset coach, as she speaks with Edwin Frondozo of Living Your Best Life to present an enlightening discussion on the critical elements of self-mastery. Explore how daily exercise can promote productivity while understanding why consistency is more important than occasional bursts! 

Plus, discover three tips for living your best life and understand what it means when people talk about getting returns from investing in yourself. Be sure to tune into this fantastic episode full of revelations guaranteed to guide you down the path toward success!

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Living Your Best Life With Catherine Tanaka (Replay)
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