Strategic Narrative Marketing with Guy Murrel

Welcome to another insightful episode of the Business Leadership Podcast hosted by Edwin Frondozo. Featuring guest Guy Murrel, an expert in strategic narrative marketing and category leadership, this episode explores the significance of category leadership for B2B tech firms. Morel shares valuable insights on differentiating in a crowded market, the impact of strategic narratives, and practical, actionable advice from his book 'A Practice Guide to Strategic Narrative Marketing.' Tune in for these practical tips on establishing and maintaining category leadership to boost business valuation and organizational alignment, and feel empowered to implement them in your own strategies.

00:00 Introduction to Category Leadership
00:23 Meet Our Expert Guest: Guy Murrel
02:05 The Importance of Category Leadership
05:06 Defining and Aligning Your Category Narrative
06:32 Strategic Narrative Marketing Explained
10:50 Case Study: Rally Software and Agile
13:16 Publishing and Promoting Your Category
18:16 Final Thoughts and Recommendations
21:14 Conclusion and Farewell
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Edwin Frondozo
Edwin Frondozo
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Strategic Narrative Marketing with Guy Murrel
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